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With more than a decade of experience working with families just like yours, we can't wait to help you find out what natural chiropractic care is all about. Discover for yourself today!

Discover Focused Care for Healing at
Point Pleasant Chiropractic

Your Best Health Yet Awaits with Our Point Pleasant Chiropractor

Point Pleasant chiropractor Dr. Keith Malinowski’s mission is to provide patients with quality health care and personal attention through chiropractic care, while empowering them to take charge of their health. He believes a healthy spine leads to a healthy nervous system, and he strives to be a teacher and healer.

As we see it, a healthy spine will lead to a healthy you! And this all happens because the spine protects your nervous system, which controls all healing and every function in your body. Best of all, we follow the philosophy of “testing, not guessing”—this means that we look at what’s really going on in your body to develop the care plan that fits you best. In fact, every time you visit us, we’ll take a quick infrared scan of your spine to show you exactly what needs adjusting and how you’re improving.

You’ll not only be able to feel the results of your care—you can see them, too.