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New Patients

Welcome to Point Pleasant Chiropractic!

We can’t wait to welcome you into our care, and hope you feel like you’ve picked the perfect practice for you as soon as you walk in the door.

We aim to create a comfortable, welcoming environment for every patient we have the privilege of treating. Our office space reflects that sentiment with an inviting, open concept floor plan that aims to connect our community members.

Your First Visit

When you arrive for your first appointment, you’ll complete some quick paperwork. Then, we’ll take your health history and perform an infrared scan of your spine to identify areas of stress. Next up, x-rays will help us pinpoint the exact cause of disturbance(s) in your nervous system.

Dr. Keith always takes the necessary time to review your scans before recommending care, so we’ll get you scheduled for a second visit where we’ll discuss your plan of action. Expect your first appointment to last about 30-40 minutes.
Your Second Visit

At your second appointment, we’ll go over your report of findings in great detail—Dr. Keith wants you to know and understand exactly what he found and exactly how he intends to correct the problem. He’ll lay out your entire care plan for you so that you know what to expect from here on out. We’ll also discuss any financials up front so you never have any surprises, and will talk about the various payment plans we offer if you’d like to take advantage of them.

If you’d like to move forward with an adjustment, we’ll do so at this time. Expect this visit to last about 30 minutes.

Ongoing Care

Your ongoing care visits may take just 10-15 minutes. We’ll always begin with an infrared scan to see how well you’re holding adjustments, check for improvement, and see what areas need correcting. Then, we’ll perform your adjustment. If you’re receiving upper cervical care, plan to spend an extra 10 minutes resting and relaxing after your adjustment before leaving the practice.

We Can’t Wait to Meet You

Ready to find out how Dr. Keith can help you unlock your true health potential? We look forward to welcoming you into the practice. As a special offer for new patients, we’re proud to have a $50 first visit special, which includes on-site x-rays.

Discover how chiropractic can help you today—contact us for an appointment.

New Patients | (732) 899-0016